Black please.

Black: A powerful preference.

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About Us

Black please. is a brand new coffee company!
Our coffee is coming soon.
But you let us know that Black please. is also...Culture.
And we agree.
So we created a few products to help you wear the culture that you love with pride and style!

Adult Sizes Available

meet the Founder

Allison Moore

My name is Allison Moore, I am a stand-up comedian, speaker and expert morale booster from Virginia. Black please. Coffee was an idea that was sparked after I was constantly hired to speak or perform comedy as the kickstart to conferences, meetings and events because of my humor, inspiration and upbeat act! One day I jokingly told the organizer that she was using me to be her 'Conference's Coffee' and the name stuck and the idea to sell coffee came shortly thereafter.

So my team and I began working! We started fundraising with coffee mugs and clothes as merchandise. That's when we realized that Black please. was more than coffee! People began to see Black please. as a message that was empowering, meaningful and in some instances uncomfortable, and all of which became a bridge to communicate... perfectly over a cup of coffee!

I love coffee as it is the inspiration that I need to start my day and whereas we are still working through the normal kinks to starting any company worth having, I am very excited about the opportunity to supply fans, customers and workplaces with our delicious specialty coffee. We are designing our brand to be the coffee for the 'Everyday Super-Hero' and we can't wait for you to try it!
Thank you for stopping by. Please stay connected and enjoy the ride with us!


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